LED Street Light

New! HyperNOVA

Multipurpose & Economical! Available in 80W, 120W, 150W & 240W versions PLUS 120W Direct AC. Replace from 250W up to 750W metal halide fixtures. Complete range of mounting options for street and parking lots, high bays, wall packs and area lighting. learn more…

HiLumz LED Retrofit Instructional Video Series

Retrofit Instructional Video Series

See how simple it is to retrofit your existing light fixtures. We are also available to answer any questions that you may have.
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LED Retrofit Kit-185W

Diamonz Technology

There are multiple versions of LED kits available – 35W, 75W, 130W, 185W & up to 370W. Engineered for performance and longevity, Diamonz technology surpasses the competition. learn more…

HiLumz® Warranty

10 Year LED & 7 Year Driver Warranty
100,000+ Hour Rated CREE LEDs
AC LED 10 Year Warranty

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dlc-qpl-listed-logoThe HiLumz Difference…
Made in the USA & DLC Qualified!

Our newest DZ3X, DZ130 and DZ185 are now available!

Even more powerful than our original LED kits, the Diamonz series of products feature:

  • Latest technology CREE LEDs – brighter and longer lasting;
  • EXTREME thermal efficiency circuit boards. Typical LED board: 1-5W/mK transfer. Diamonz board: an astounding 200+W/mK! Lower LED temps = longer life & more light;
  • DZ3X – same light output as old DZ40, but 33W instead of 45W and no cooling fan;
  • DZ130 and DZ185 – airflow shroud for improved cooling and more versatile mounting options;
  • DZ130 and DZ185 – Type III, Type V (bat wing), 31 degree and 56 degree optics kits;

…And Much More!

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