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Chinese LED Industry in Deep Waters, Only a Handful of LED Manufacturers to Remain

October 1, 2015

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Technology Sourcing And China

China is without doubt a source of product that is hard to avoid. It’s doubtful that today’s technology is built without some components sourced from China. HiLumz USA is no exception. However, we purchase as few components made in China as practical. When we do purchase them, all efforts are made to purchase from US companies with operations in China, and not China engineered and produced components.

Our highly regarded Diamonz and HyperNova LED boards are fabricated and tested in USA ISO 9001 certified SMT facilities. Our engineers are American professionals with years of experience in LED circuit design. As an approved CREE branding partner, the Diamonz LED retrofit “engine” must pass the stringent standards of CREE’s TEMPO test program.

Typical Chinese Retrofits

Typical Diamonz Retrofits


Chinese – Glue or Press on

4 European – Screw on


Old Technology

Latest CREE Technology – Higher operating temps & more lumens/watt


Chinese PCB. 1-5W/m-K Thermal Conductivity Typical

Direct Heat Path PCB. Over 200W/m-K!

Thermal Cutoff

Mechanical – Widely

Solid State Thermal

Thermal Pad Heat Transfer Rate

Silicone (Through Plane: 1-3W/m-K; In-Plane: 1-3W/m-K)

Graphite (Through Plane: 10W/m-K; In-Plane: 150W/m-K

Heat Sink

Cast Aluminum

Melted Aluminum with non-conductive air pockets

Extruded Aluminum

Solid Aluminum – Pressed not melted. More efficient heat dissipation.

Heat Sink Coating

Silver paint

Black Anodized

Faster heat

Fan Air Shroud


Yes – maximizes
air flow across fins (Better heat dissipation)



“C” model (China)


“U” model (USA)


5 Year Ship to China

10/7 year USA

Shipment Lead Time

4-5 weeks (air)
12-16 weeks (sea & truck)

Typical orders filled in 5-7 days

Cash up front


No (subject to credit)

Mounting System

7 Screws & multiple nuts

2 Screws

Liability Insurance




China email (maybe) plus time-zones

USA phone & email

Diamonz LED Retrofit Kit can provide all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

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