Powerhouse 180 Lumen/Watt Linear Strips

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HyperNova HN15

Available with snap-on diffuser lens.
Linear LED Datasheet

LED Strips Are Better Than LED Tubes

There are a number of different types of products available for replacing fluorescent tubes. LED tubes were the first and most widely used. However, they have POOR thermal management and inferior driver construction to name just two issues.

Download this guideline from the University of California at Davis for more information.


  • 180 Lumens/Watt raw LED power and up to 150 Lumens/Watt system delivered!
  • Typical retrofit of one LED strip per two T5/T8/T12 fluorescent tubes.
  • Optimal thermal management and the longest life at 15W, 20W, 25W & 39W power.
  • 48 LEDs per 2 feet & 96 LEDs per 4 feet for minimal or no pixelation effect.
  • Dim to OFF – Others Dim to 10%
  • External driver with built-in 12Vdc auxiliary power for easy sensor and wireless controls integration.
  • Tight, consistent color binning.

Highest Efficacy - What does it mean?

When comparing LED tubes, linear strips or other fluorescent tube replacements, be sure to understand how the lumens are being measured!

Our Linear strip Raw LED lumen output is over 180 lumens per watt! This tells you how much light the LEDs are capable of producing without any system loss. Delivered lumens per watt, which includes system inefficiencies found in LED drivers from ALL manufacturers, is over 150 lumens per watt. Additional loss of lumens will occur when frosted lenses or panels are used. Even with inefficient fluorescent tube panels, our Linear LED retrofits can DELIVER OVER 130 lumens per watt!

Vaportight Retrofit
Shown With and Without Snap-On Diffuser