Diamonz® New DM Series
Sets industry highs for retrofit kit performance & reliability

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New DM series produces extremely high lumens (up to 45,600) and lumens/watt (up to 157 efficacy).

When designing our products, we focus on heat management, light performance, and ease of application.

While other retrofit companies focus on lowering costs with less expensive components, HiLumz USA has taken the approach of using the highest performing components, regardless of the cost, with significantly improved thermal and flux performance.

A 10 degree Celsius reduction in heat doubles the life the component

Our primary motivation is to utilize the newest technology to radically increase the thermal and LED performance of our products. Our choice of circuit boards and thermal interface materials transfers more heat to the heatsinks than ever before. The LEDs themselves are specifically designed by Samsung and Seoul to withstand higher operating temperatures without performance or lifetime degradation.

Our heat sinks not only weigh 50% more than most competitors (it’s weight that drives heat transfer) but they are also anodized in black which provides six degrees Celcius cooler temperature than bare finishes (silver).

Keep Your Fixture!

Save money and installation headaches. Simply remove the interior components and mount the Diamonz retrofit kit.

Casino Parking Lot

Our customer opted to use a simple mounting solution of their own with our dual head, 1,000W kit.

Replaces MH & HPS Bulbs

  • DZ3X: 30W AC Input replaces 100-175W (optics available)
  • DM60: 57W AC Input replaces 250W
  • DM120: 116W AC Input replaces 400W
  • DM150: 144W AC Input replaces 400W-750W
  • DMZ150: 137W AC Input replaces 400W-600W (optics available)
  • DM240: 223W AC Input replaces 600W-1000W
  • DM300: 281W AC Input replaces 1000W
  • DMZ300: 278W AC Input replaces 600-1000W (optics available)

Unique Features

  • Various Kits are DLC QPL Listed in specific DLC Categories
  • Easy install, patent pending FlexMount bracket
  • High efficiency circuit board and thermal design
  • ETL Listed for UL-1598-C and CSA C22.2

DM120 / DM150 Shown

DZ185 Shown with Vertical Bracket mount

Wide Range of Retrofit Mounts

  • Standard options – FlexMount, FlexTrim Plate, Brackets that clamp to the socket (horizanal or vertical). We do not offer screw in products for two reasons.
    1. The soft metal socket threads are designed for the weight of light bulbs, not heavier LED units.
    2. Our adapters allow for adjustments to place the unit lower in the fixture.
  • Standard and Custom mounting plates designed to fit your fixture and give aesthetically pleasing look and plug and play installation.
  • Universal wire mounts for quick connects.

“I’ve installed the DM line on dozens of projects, my installers fly through the install”.

Northeast Master Electrician

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