4 Facts About LED Retrofitting

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Most people are already familiar with and use LED lighting technology. Light emitting diodes are highly energy-efficient, durable, reliable, and bright, which makes them an ideal lighting solution for different types of spaces. Some property owners want to replace all their existing lights with these bulbs. While that can be a major expense, it provides excellent returns. At HiLumz, we encourage people to consider the facts mentioned below so they can make an informed decision regarding LED retrofitting.

1. What’s Included in a Retrofit?

The nature of a retrofit depends largely on your budget or requirements. If you just want to replace bulbs and not the fixtures, that reduces the initial costs but also limit your options. While most LED lights are compatible with older fixtures or holders, there are different types of options available in the market that might fit your requirements better.

A full retrofit involves everything from fixtures and holders to bulb and dimmers. Every new installation is uniquely adapted for LED light fixtures. While this process is a little more expensive, it has better long-term benefits. You have access to a completely upgraded lighting system with greater energy savings.dm60 led retrofit kit

2. All Kinds of Lighting Applications

LEDs are very versatile so you can use them as indoor, outdoor, and underwater lighting solutions. Specially designed landscape lighting helps ensure the outdoor spaces are well-lit and beautiful. Waterproof LED lights can be placed inside swimming pools, fountains, ponds, and other such installations.

The best use of LED is indoors because it offers many advantages. LED lights are available in different colors and temperatures so if you want a warm, comfortable environment, choose warm temperature bulbs. If you want cool, focused light, choose cool temperature blubs. It’s easy to install dimmers to influence the intensity of the light or add LED to older chandeliers or vintage light fixtures.

3. Indoor Temperature

Traditional lights, especially halogen or fluorescent lights, emit a considerable amount of heat, which impacts the indoor temperature. Your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature and that will increase your energy bills. LED lights are cool and don’t affect the indoor environment too much, regardless of how many you switch on and how long they stay on.

4. Easy to Maintain

LED lights are easier to maintain. They don’t need to be replaced as often because fixtures can easily last for more than 3 to 4 times the duration of regular lights. You might need to replace your regular lights every year, while an LED bulb will last for over a decade. That alone makes the cost of retrofitting worthwhile, especially if there are many lights on your property.

If energy savings are a concern, LED lights provide the perfect option. They reduce costs of lighting by 50% to 70% based on location, intensity, and use.

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