HyperNova Area Light Fixture

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High power LED fixtures span a wide range of prices. How do you know which is the best value? Beware of the most expensive and the least expensive.
HiLumz HyperNova fixtures provide the most value for the dollar. Using the latest technology costs more, but it delivers higher performance with fewer components. The result — Affordable Performance!


Why purchase a different LED fixture style for each application when a single HyperNova design can perform so many?
With over seven different mounting types available, 80W to 150W LED power, a wide range of optics and wireless control systems, the HyperNova series of fixtures are ideal for your outdoor or high bay lighting needs.

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The HyperNova HN15 is available in the following wattages: 80 | 120 | 150. Delivered lumens easily match or surpass 250W to 400W metal halide or HPS fixtures.

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