Linear LED Retrofit Kits and Strips

Powerhouse 165 Lumen/Watt Linear Strips

Fluorescent Troffer Retrofits, Low Bays, Retail, Grocers | 2′ x2′ | 2′ x4′ | 1′ x 4 | 1′ x 8′

Linear LED Datasheet

Available with snap-on diffuser lens.

Linear LED Datasheet

Highest Quality – What does it mean?

It starts with heat. The S Series strip product uses a ceramic board that attaches directly to the metal surface using a heat transferred 3M adhesive. We have tested every solution, and this solution offers the best heat transfer.

Second, we over populate the board with mid power Samsung LED’s so they can be “under-driven”. This guarantees long life.

Third, we use high end components to reduce the risk of connectors or circuit shorts.

Lastly, it’s how you drive them. We use the highest quality LED drivers on the market. Either Osram or Inventronics.

The result: wonderful light that will power any facility for years to come with no color changing and 0.1% failures.

LED Strips Are Better Than LED Tubes

There are a number of different types of products available for replacing fluorescent tubes. LED tubes were the first and most widely used. However, they have POOR thermal management and inferior driver construction to name just two issues.

Download this guideline from the University of California at Davis for more information.

LED Retrofit Options

Download wHITE PAPER
  • 180 Lumens/Watt raw LED power and up to 150 Lumens/Watt system delivered!
  • Typical retrofit of one LED strip per two T5/T8/T12 fluorescent tubes.
  • Optimal thermal management and the longest life at 15W, 20W, 25W & 39W power.
  • 48 LEDs per 2 feet & 96 LEDs per 4 feet for minimal or no pixelation effect.
  • Dim to OFF – Others Dim to 10%
  • External driver with built-in 12Vdc auxiliary power for easy sensor and wireless controls integration.
  • Tight, consistent color binning.

Vaportight Retrofit Shown With and Without Snap-On Diffuser

Vaportight Retrofit