Responsibly updating the USA’s Lighting
Infrastructure to LED

100% of the LED benefits with a fraction of the installation headache, risk, and waste.


Save – Energy, Time & Money

Retrofitting is part of every best-class installers portfolio.

Avoid red tape associated with design approvals, archetecural approvals, changing pole infrastructure, wind mitigation reports, and faulty infrastructure.

Complete projects with 100% of the benefit in half the time. Plug and Play!

Install with confidence as HiLumz retrofits outperform most full fixture solutions on the market.

Easiest maintenance by avoiding the problem of matching fixtures in the future.

Thrill your customers with wonderful, low-cost LED light.

Less Waste

There are over 100,000 million street, parking, high bay, and other high powered luminaires in the United States. Let’s keep all that metal out of our landfills, only to be replaced by more metal!

It’s good business, and good stewardship.

Parking deck

Diamonz LED Retrofit Kit can provide all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

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